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Akira, fleeing from Fujioka

Name: Akira Minami (南 アキラ, Minami Akira)

Age: 12-13

Voiced by: Tatsuya Hayama

First introduced (manga): Chapter 049

First introduced (anime): Minami-ke Episode 11

Third and youngest brother of Other Minami Family, and in the first year of junior high.[1] He follows the naming pattern of the family, since "Aki (アキ)" means fall. Perhaps because of the gap in their age, he is treated as a child in the other Minami household and is often told not to interrupt when the other two elder brothers are talking.[2] He likes long-haired girls, and is constantly in search of a girlfriend, perhaps especially Riko.[3] Fujioka dislikes him because views Akira as a threat to Fujioka's plans with regards to Kana, an impression Akira does not dispel when he misinterprets Fujioka's jealousy as about Riko and deliberately expresses interest in Kana to try and avoid Fujioka's wrath.[4] As a further indication of his fear of Fujioka, he cross-dresses as Aki-chan to avoid being seen by Fujioka in the Minami Household.[5]

Like his brothers, Akira does not understand his sister, Touma, very well. His contribution to the brothers' discussions about her is idle speculation on her getting a boyfriend[6] or himself getting a girlfriend.[7]. Also like his brothers, he is never seen or mentioned in Okawari.

Character Design

Akira has blue-black spiky hair similar in style to Natsuki and equal in color to Touma. It is somewhat more blue in the third season compared to the first, continuing to match Touma's hair color. He has the same blue eyes as all of his siblings. Manga comparisons cannot be drawn, because he does not appear in any color illustrations. He is short compared to the only other male in his age group, Fujioka.

Notable Scenes

In Minami-ke Episode 11#Segment Two (Minami-ke Chapter 51, he gets involved in a series of convoluted misunderstanding that culminate in Fujioka trying to challenge him to a fight over Kana.

In Minami-ke Chapter 117, he cross-dresses as Aki-chan to avoid the wrath of Fujioka.