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Atsuko demonstrates her mastery of moe.

Name: Atsuko (アツコ)

Age: 16-17

Voiced by: Ryoko Ono

First introduced (manga): Chapter 4

First introduced (anime): Minami-ke Episode 02

Haruka's classmate and friend, along with Maki. Like all of her friends, she is a member of the Volleyball Club.[1] She is a very quiet and polite girl, which leads to her often being ignored in conversations involving the more dynamic characters around her. She can also be spotted in the school library.[2] These character traits, along with a surprising lack of finger strength, apparently give her a high degree of moe, which makes Kana and Maki jealous.[3]

Atsuko is also notable for thinking Hosaka would be cool if only he acted less weird, leading to speculation among both fans and Maki that she has a crush on him.[4]

There is also a cat which acquires her name, though it is not clear if this is permanent.[5]

Character Design


This is how Atsuko looks in Tadaima, being hugged by Touma at the barbecue.

In Season 1, Atsuko has purple-blue hair and blue eyes. In later seasons, she has green-black hair and matching eyes. In the manga she has dark blue hair and matching eyes. She is the tallest girl of her age group, only slightly shorter than Hayami, who is roughly one year older. Her bust is only slightly smaller than that of Haruka and about the same as that of Hayami.[6]

Notable Scenes

In Minami-ke: Okaeri Episode 08#Segment One (Minami-ke Chapter 050), she demonstrates that she is the most moe of any of the characters in the show.

In Minami-ke: Tadaima Episode 03 a ring rolls into her bag!

Minami-keNatsuyasumi14m8sAtsuko Hayami

Eating with Hitomi adjacent Haruka and Maki building independence.

In Minami-ke: Natsuyasumi she frantically orders a big steak meal but gets a green milkshake instead by mistake, and works up the courage to ask for what she truly ordered.