Minami-ke S1 E04 04m 27s

Haruka arrives home.

Basic Facts

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Haruka's alter-ego.

Name: Haruka Minami (南 春香, Minami Haruka)

Age: 16-17

Voiced by: Rina Satou

First introduced (manga): Chapter 0

First introduced (anime): Minami-ke Episode 01

Haruka is the eldest Minami sister, in her second year of high school. She sustains the naming pattern by having Spring ("Haru" or 春) in her name. She is the core of the family unit and has been taking care of her younger sisters for many years, a fact which has had ramifications on her personality and life. For instance, despite her excellent schoolwork[1] and high intelligence, she attended the same middle-of-the-road middle school Kana does, because it is closer to home.[2] Further, she is implied to not participate in any after-school club or activity,[3] though she may have some involvement with the student council,[4] and likely was class representative in ninth grade.[5] She has also rejected every suitor out of hand.[6] Because of the way she has had to take care of her sisters, Haruka is by far the most reliable of the three sisters, to the point where there are almost no examples of her using Minami Logic.[7] She is constantly seen busy cooking, cleaning, shopping, or doing other housework. This is driven primarily out of love for her sisters, however.[8]

Despite her generally kind and nurturing demeanor, she carries a latent domineering streak, by which she is capable of commanding the obedience of everyone around her, including her sisters. It was for this that she obtained the first Banchou title, becoming the founder of the line. She exerts her strength usually by using her own version of the Serious Face, which may be more properly called the Banchou glare. Her sisters hold great respect for her, and Chiaki treats her as a worshiped mother figure, addressing her as "Haruka-nee-sama". Besides her excellent academics, she is a superb volleyball player, though not a member of the volleyball club.[9] She is likely the best cook in the show, at the very least tied with Hosaka. She is a world-class bubblegum bubble blower.[10] She is also a virgin.[11] Her weak points are her horrific navigation skills[12] and the ease with which she is embarrassed. A meme associated with Haruka is that she is "Amazing". A suitable nickname for her would be "Banchou".

Character Design

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Yoshino and Uchida are awed.

Haruka appears to be of average height for her age, being taller than Maki and shorter than Atsuko. Her eyes are hazel in the anime, the same as her sisters, but are dark-brown in the manga, later turning red in the later manga covers, like those of her sisters. They revert to a reddish-brown in the Volume 6 cover. Her hair is generally a light brown and is consistent throughout the anime. In the manga however, it is blonde in the Volume 3 cover and orange in the Volume 6 cover. Volume 3 also contains a drawing of Haruka with her normal hair color, probably artistic license. Like with her sisters, it is perhaps most instructive to refer to the full-color Minami-ke Chapter 000, in which her hair is dark blonde and eyes dark brown, as a guide. She is known for being very pretty and, notably, has the largest bust size of anyone in the show.[13]

Interactions with Others


School Life

Haruka is a quiet, dignified student, earning top marks without particularly standing out. She spends the most time in the company of her friends Maki and Atsuko, and is familiar with Hitomi, Hayami, and Natsuki. She has met Hosaka once,[14] but does not seem to have done so again, partly because of Maki's attempts to keep him away.[15] Despite her skill at volleyball, she refuses to join the Volleyball Club because she needs to take of her sisters, to the considerable vexation of Hayami. She does not participate in any school clubs.

She is often seen going out shopping or on small excursions with her principal friends, Maki and Atsuko. However, such occasions are rarer than might be expected, because of Haruka's need to constantly take on the household or to take out her sisters instead. Haruka can also occasionally be seen on the phone with Natsuki, who is typically asking for advice in regards to cooking or Touma,[16] though it may be suspected he has ulterior motives.

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In the end, the prospect of life without Haruka is too much for the other sisters to handle.

When she was in middle school, she acquired a reputation around campus as a Banchou, due to her fearsome demeanor as class representative. Through the mediation of Hiroko, this became the start of a whole line of faux-Banchous.[17]

With Her Sisters

Haruka has fully internalized her role as de facto mother of her two sisters, performing the vast majority of the housework and keeping the home presentable. In return, her sisters treat her with a great deal of respect, obeying her commands instantly on the rare occasions she exercises her full authority. Chiaki, in particular, treats her as a worshiped mother figure.

Despite this, she is often the target of or accidental participant in antics perpetrated by her sisters, and she is far more of a peer to them than any mother would be. Most often, however, she is only the bemused observer of the events around her, whether it be yet another fight between Kana and Chiaki or more hijinks involving their friends.

Because of her unique role and responsibilities, Haruka has arguably sacrificed a good deal of her own childhood for her sisters' sake. She does not participate in or join any clubs, unconditionally turns down any suitors, and once turns down an opportunity to study abroad, not without some regret.[18] Most of her friends admit admiration and respect for her. It is implied that she exerts a lot of willpower to maintain her outer appearance as a motherly older sister, since she is lazy when no one is around.[19] In some sense, her sisters keep her going.


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Haruka's beauty and gentle nature have attracted a diverse host of admirers, ranging from the batty Hosaka, the silent Natsuki, the way-too-young Makoto, to presumably many unnamed. In addition, she has been confessed-to countless times, but she has turned down every suitor, presumably because of her need to care for her sisters.[20] It is unclear if she will ever relax this policy, or if anyone really has any hope in this regard.

Notable Scenes

Minami-ke S1 E07 21m 39s

Haruka drops the vase.

Minami-ke S1 E08 10m 23s

Haruka displaying her "Godly" bubble-gum blowing skills.

Minami-ke S1 E11 17m 50s

Can't have classmates thinking there's something going on between them, after all.

Despite being a main character, Haruka stops having many scenes of great notoriety after Season 1. However, scenes of Haruka being Banchou are nearly countless. [That being said, feel free to add to this list.]

In Minami-ke Episode 05 (Minami-ke Chapter 16), Haruka initially refuses to openly wear the skimpy swimsuit bought for her by her sisters, but easily bows to the peer pressure of her friends wearing similar outfits, with enviable results.

In Minami-ke Episode 07, her younger self accidentally starts yet another rumor about her Banchou tendencies when a series of humorous events leads to her dropping a vase on her math teacher.

In Minami-ke Episode 08, Haruka displays the impressive and unheard of ability to blow one bubble-gum bubble within another.

In Minami-ke Episode 09 (Minami-ke Chapter 18), Haruka, bored from being alone at home with nothing to do, first bakes and then eats an entire layer cake, but leaves evidence for Kana to spot.

In Minami-ke Episode 11 (Minami-ke Chapter 55), Haruka punches Natsuki in the face in a mutually agreed-upon expiation of misunderstandings possible from the situation.

In Minami-ke: Okawari Episode 05, Haruka lays down the law after Chiaki and Kana accidentally break a glass necklace of hers and try to hide it.

In Minami-ke: Okawari Episode 13, Haruka is bemused by her sisters' strange behavior, leading to a heart-warming scene.


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