Name: Hayami (速水)

Age: 17-18

First Introduced (Manga): Minami-ke Chapter 008

First Introduced (Anime): Minami-ke Episode 04

Voiced by: Saeko Chiba

A third year student,[1]

Cunning and mischievous, Hayami enjoys involving her juniors in humorous situations for her amusement. Of particular note is her penchant for getting them, and any other minors in the area, drunk on alcohol, which she convinces them is "high-quality juice".[2] It is implied she is a heavy drinker, since she drinks and tolerates the alcohol quite well herself.

Hayami shows lesbian (or at least bisexual) indications, essentially molesting Kana while drunk in Minami-ke Episode 13#Segment Four.

It is interesting that she seems to ignore the other girls in the area, but it is a fact which seems to fit in quite well with her character, and perhaps explains why she is the captain of the girls' volleyball club.


Hayami is captain of the female half of the Volleyball Club. As such, she is a colleague of Hosaka (captain fo the male half), and can even be considered a friend, occasionally being found encouraging Hosaka to confess his affection for Haruka[3]. She seems to delight in that Hosaka never actually gives Haruka the lunches he makes for her though, since she ends up getting to eat them.

In Minami-ke: Tadaima Episode 11 she suggests that Hosaka knit a scarf for Haruka. She has magazines ready and tells him her own personal preferences. This probably indicates that as usual, she expects him to make something and not end up giving it to Haruka, ending up with her getting a free scarf from his labours.

She is a close acquaintance of Haruka, and is constantly plotting ways to get Haruka to join the volleyball club, including manipulating Hosaka into asking her to join.

Character Design

Hayami has brown-blond short hair and matching brownish-yellow eyes. Her eyes are almost always closed, a common anime design which is intended to make her reminiscent of a fox and is supposed to imply her cunning.

Minami-ke S1 E13 20m 13s

When her eyes open, disaster is imminent.

She only opens her eyes when greatly surprised or interested.

She is the tallest female character in the show, and has the second largest bust, only slightly smaller than Haruka, about the same size as Atsuko.


  1. Along with Hosaka, Hayami's reappearance in school uniform in autumn of the year they should have graduated helps confirm that the anime is likely on comic book time. See Minami-ke Chronology
  2. This happens twice in the anime, but only once in the manga, in Minami-ke Episode 13#Segment Four (Minami-ke Chapter 025) and Minami-ke: Okawari Episode 10#Segment Four.
  3. Minami-ke Episode 08#Segment Three (Minami-ke Chapter 030)