Minami-ke S1 E07 12m 10s

Hiroko is excited to be talking about the Banchou. Her friend, Yuu, feigns boredom.

Name: Hiroko (ヒロコ)

Age: 14-15

Voiced by: Saeko Chiba

First Introduced (Manga): Minami-ke Chapter 037

First Introduced (Anime): Minami-ke Episode 07

A third-year student at Kana's middle school. She is best friends with Yuu, whom she is even suspected to have a crush on.[1] Affable and playful, her most prominent personality quirk is her obsession with the Banchou legend, including the first Banchou, Haruka, whom she and Yuu had briefly shared a school with. She even goes so far as to ensure that the school always has a Banchou, placing the title onto the unwilling Yuu and Fujioka, as well as, presumably, Hitomi. She introduces Kana to the Banchou legend and, along with Kana, is one of only two people keeping it alive. Her friend, Yuu, maintains an air of only barely tolerating Hiroko's unique hobby but, at least in the anime, this is only a front.[2]