"Because We're Together"

"Issho dakara ne" (一緒だからね)

29 March 2009

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While doing some homework, Chiaki observes Haruka in some kind of distress and anxiously runs to Kana for assistance. Even though she feels that the cause of Haruka's distress is something minor like what to prepare for dinner/breakfast, Kana observes Haruka with Chiaki for a while without gaining any more insight unaware that Haruka is observing their strange behavior and wondering its root cause. While Kana and Chiaki converse after school, Haruka is doing the same with Yoshino and Uchida. The misunderstanding is ultimately resolved by everybody making faces at each other. The next arc features the aftermath of a nightmare that has Chiaki clinging to Kana that Haruka euphorically takes in stride. While Haruka is out on the town with her friends, Chiaki gets over her nightmare while Kana has a similar nightmare that sends her clinging to Haruka who is late coming home. The final arc is set in motion when Kana writes her Tanabata wish to repudiate sweets that gets interpreted as a suicide note that scares both Haruka and Chiaki who think that they are to blame. Fortunately, the misunderstanding is quickly resolved and everybody has a wonderful time at the Tanabata party glad to be together.

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During the sequence where there is a series of flashbacks about Kana, there is a brief replay of the scene from episode twelve where Kana bangs the table and laments how much she hates being called a bakayarou.


Early in the scene after Kana's "disappearance" note is discovered, there is an animation error when Chiaki is clearly shown to the left of Haruka, but when Haruka turns to look in that direction no one is there.

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