"Everyone At Once, 'Thank You for the Meal'"

"Minna Sorotte, Gochisōsama" (みんな揃って、ごちそうさま)

30 March 2008

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Frightened of the prospect of Haruka studying abroad, Kana and Chiaki decide to step up to the plate and exert more of an effort with the cooking and cleaning as well as the other domestic chores in order to put Haruka's mind at ease after sending her off with a smile. It quickly becomes evident that the prospect of having to actually take care of themselves in Haruka's absence is much more than Kana and Chiaki can endure. While being tearfully embraced and exhorted to stay with them, Haruka explains to Kana and Chiaki that she has no intention of studying abroad anyway.

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"references to older episodes"


In the second to last scene of the episode, when Chiaki is entering the flat, there are two animation errors. The door opens outward and towards the right, in contradiction to every other scene in every season. More conspicuously, Chiaki appears to walk straight through the wall. These are corrected in the DVD version.

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