Minami-ke S1 E13 20m 13s

Hayami shows Kana how it's really done.

"Fruitless Love"

"Koi no Karamawari" (恋のからまわり)

30 December2007

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Minami-ke S1 E13 21m 13s

Hayami gets Chiaki's much delayed revenge.

The Minami family celebrate New Year's.

Adapted From

  • Segment 1 is Original Content - Kimono
  • Segment 2 is Original Contnet - Phone Bill
  • Segment 3 is Original Content - Hosaka and soba + Ninomiya and Sensei
  • Segment 4 is from Chapter 025 Volume 02
  • Segment 5 is Original Content - Hosaka on the mountaintop.


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