There are very few policies which apply across all Wikia. These can be found on the Central Wikia at Wikia:Category:Policy.


  • Don't upload or link to full videos
    • Single animation frames can be uploaded for reference in articles (not all frames though)
  • Don't upload or link to full manga pages, except for cover pages
    • Single page cells can be uploaded for reference in articles (not all cells though)
  • Every page and image needs to be added to a Category
  • When linking to common terminology, actors, artists, and developers please link to the correct page at animanga wiki, if it does not exist then create it there.
    • Example: ahoge [[w:c:animanga:ahoge|ahoge]]
    • Example: Coharu Sakuraba [[w:c:animanga:Coharu Sakuraba|Coharu Sakuraba]]

Style Sheet

  • Western style names, (First, Last)
  • ō and ū are not used, use ou and uu instead. (う ウ)
  • some ō are oo, if this () is the kana
  • ō and ū named pages should REDIRECT to the ou and uu named pages
  • Episode, Volume, Chapter, and Character pages should have a consistent style.
    • Episode pages have a consistent, elaborate style which should be followed. It is too elaborate to recount, but can be seen by inspecting Minami-ke Episode 07 or any of the previous episodes. Beyond a certain point, the episode pages are incomplete, and obviously so. These incomplete pages should not be used as a guideline.
    • Character pages are divided into three main tiers: Main Characters, Secondary Characters, and Minor Characters. These each have their corresponding styles, with respective degrees of complexity. Complete examples of each of the three types are: Chiaki Minami, Atsuko, and Long-haired Girl.
      • It should be noted that minor characters do not have as well defined a style as the others, with some pages, for instances, having references, while others do not. A page that acquires too much such "cruft" should probably be promoted to secondary character status.
      • Every character page should have a picture of the character in question, if at all possible. A section concerning age, first introduction, etc. is optional, depending on whether the information is available.
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